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Chelsea Hodges X PUML

Australian Olympic gold medalist Chelsea Hodges has been avidly swimming since she was just four years old. Like most Australian kids, she learned how to swim before she could walk, and from the first dip until now, it has been her passion. By 2017, at the age of 15, Chelsea was representing Australia at the […]

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Holly Ferling x PUML

Australian cricketer, Holly Ferling, has been a sporting prodigy from an early age. At just 14, she made her debut in men’s grade cricket, took a hat-trick with her first three balls and was name Queensland Junior Cricketer of the Year — the first woman ever to receive this accolade. Before then, she was an accomplished netball […]

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Harriet Brown — World IronWoman Champion X PUML

We are pleased to announce that PUML Better Health has received support from Australia’s Queensland Government ActiveKIT program. We aim to work together to empower younger generations to develop better habits that will lead them to create positive changes in their health and well-being. We’ve invited Harriet Brown, World Champion IronWoman, and created the “Train […]

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