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Health and Wellness in a Web 3 World

Wellness is the future of the internet. As we move into the next generation of technology, a focus on wellness has become increasingly important. We are moving from a society based solely on consumption to one where people value health, happiness, and fulfillment. The divides between IRL and online are blurring, and people won’t accept […]

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Kucoin Labs Brings on PUML as a Portfolio Company

Announcement 📢📢 PUML Better Health is pleased to announce our partnership with KuCoin Labs, a $100M venture capital fund focused on empowering early-stage start-ups in the blockchain space. The KuCoin Ecosystem, in brief. KuCoin Labs is an investment arm of the KuCoin Ecosystem, which also includes the famous KuCoin Exchange. The KuCoin Exchange is one […]

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