Build Long Term Health Habits with Your Corporate Team

Unite Your Team With Fun and Gamified Health Challenges like Steps, Hydration, Fasting, Meditation, Sleep, and More. Get Rewarded & Create Long Term Health Habits For a Better Future.

It's time to unlock a corporate challenge that your staff will use.

PUML offers a fully customisable and engaging platform that has been used by some of the largest companies in the world to reduce absenteeism and poor performance.

Branded Private Hub

Use your corporate branding and create a private space for your team to complete challenges.

Customisable Rewards

Choose custom rewards that your staff want, select from a variety of leading brands

Teams & Competition

Create custom teams and run challenges that can be between teams, departments, and regions.

Only a Phone Needed

Only a phone is needed to participate, making it extremely accessible to any staff member.

Push Your Team With Engaging Challenges

It’s not just step and meditation challenges to look forward to,

it’s a mix of options that’ll make PUML your next go-to health app.

From 30 Day Step Challenges, to 7 Day Meditation Challenges, unlock new limits with a highly rewarding App. 

These challenges are designed to help you form healthy habits and compete for rewards.

Design the Rewards

Help your staff develop healthy habits with custom rewards to treat the cause of key issues leading to absenteeism and poor performance. Employees can earn in app PUML tokens by claiming their daily steps or completing challenges which can be spent in the Marketplace. The Marketplace comes with gift cards, ebooks, discount codes, etc and can be customised. 

Customise it to your liking!

Product Giveaways


Recognition and Rewards

Flexible Work Benefits

Professional Courses

Customized Merchandise

Team-Building Activities

Holiday Packages

No technical integration or data sharing required.

Making sure employee data is kept safe and secure.

Employees Can Easily Connect to PUML Using

Apple Watch, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin

Get Setup Quick

Our team handles everything to get you up and running within 2 weeks. It’s as easy as reaching out with what your team is looking to do and wanting to achieve. We will also create:

Private Leaderboards

Private Company Social Feed

Premium Membership Access

Understand Real Impact

Get de-identified quarterly health and well-being reports. Understand the impact of using PUML with real data. All corporate setups begin with an employee wellness survey which acts as a baseline.


Lifestyle Risk

Challenge Statistics

Benchmarked Wellbeing Score

A Complete Health Solution Awaits.

We have worked hard to combine the functionalities that people love in other Apps to make PUML the ultimate health and fitness solution. Your staff will also get access to: 

Personal Fasting/Hydration Tracking

A Library of Video Classes and Workouts

Private Daily Gratitude Journal

Unrestricted Access to All Challenges

Daily Mood Tracker

Kickstart a Corporate Wellness Revolution Without Breaking the Bank.

Prices less than a cup of coffee per employee, per month. 

Yep. Not bad. 

"The program launched with a Step Challenge to get us active and then added a weekly breathwork and stretch sessions, which has proved to not only be a great way to start our week but a great opportunity for our team to get together outside of the work environment. We cannot recommend PUML Better Health highly enough and look forward to our future challenges! "
Dan Kerr


How do I invite my team to join?

Employees are able to join the private corporate hub through a custom QR code which will be emailed with instructions to you once setup. 

Can we run multiple challenges at once?

Yes! You can run multiple challenges at once, but we find that the preferred way is to run a single challenge a month. 

Can we customise the marketplace?

Yes you can! Simply tell us what you would like to add in the marketplace and we can set it up so it’s ready to go once your team joins.

Can we run a single challenge?

Definitely! Although we find that  running 1 challenge per quarter is the most effective in improving performance. 

When will I receive the progress reports?

If you have a 12 month subscription, we report once a quarter/or once per challenge (4 challenges per 12 months)

How many employees can join?

There is no limit to the amount of employees that can join the private hub or the challenges. We have worked with teams of 10,000 members and more.

My team is across multiple countries, will this work?

PUML was designed with this in mind. All challenges are easily joined across the world.

Do my staff need wearables etc

No they don’t! The only requirement is to have a smartphone. PUML tracks steps with built-in apps, but this can be changed to a wearable if they choose to do so. 

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