Motivate Employees & Kickstart Corporate Wellbeing

Simple and customizable corporate wellness programs for your workplace that engage and empower your employees

Staff wellbeing and mental health issues cost and negatively impact your business daily

  • Causing 1 in 5 of staff to take time off each year*
  • Significantly reducing productivity
  • Poor wellbeing leads to poor performing staff
  • The post Covid workplace and WFH policies are adding further strain to employees

But for every $1 a business invests in staff’s mental health, there is a return of $2.30

Improve corporate wellness in just a few steps.

Creating a health challenge is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner that motivates and rewards people for making healthy choices.

Make wellness fun! Gamify the experience for your employees.

PUML hosts virtual wellness challenges for your employees. Choose one (or more!) that fit your corporate wellness program:

Built-in Rewards System & Marketplace

Our distinctive gamified platform comes with a unique PUML Coin reward system. Incentivise staff to be healthy and active. Reward employees for completing healthy challenges or for reaching wellness targets. Use a company challenge to support or create awareness around a particular cause with our option to integrate a charity within our in-app marketplace.

  • PUML Coins can be donated to charity and be spent in our marketplace (ebooks, digital offers, gift cards) 
  • Add your own prizes and products to our marketplace or stick with what we already have.

Team Building & Leaderboards

In app leaderboards to boost social motivation and engagement and to gamify the experience.
  • Build teams of department vs department or location vs location.
  • Allow employees to build their own teams and compete together

Engaging, Social and Fun

The PUML Platform has multiple features for employees to engage and connect socially, even when working remote or from different offices around the world. This includes your very own private company social feed where employees can share photos, send tips, messages and ‘do it’ affirmations to each other.

  • Private company social feed
  • Employee Leaderboards
  • Employee Team Creation
  • Messaging – within app
  • Affirmation – Do it!
  • InApp Notifications
  • Live Stream session

Employee Wellness Analytics

PUML will survey your employees every quarter and provide de-identified health and wellbeing data. You will be given a PUML Wellbeing Score which ranks you besides other companies. Receive a dashboard report with analytics on participation levels, health record percentages, program suggestions going forward, and other key insights.

  • Employee Wellness Survey 
  • PUML Wellbeing Score
  • Periodic Dashboard Access Post-Challenge

On-Demand Fitness Classes

Unlimited access to on-demand fitness classes within the PUML App Weekly video rotation from a library of 1000 videos Employees can workout without needing a gym membership Create targets and award PUML Coin for employees that complete a class or do a number of workouts weekly

  • HIIT
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Meditation
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Strength Training
  • Stretch
  • Breathing
  • Martial Arts

Bonus Features

Programs are customizable for YOUR workplace. Choose which features
to include in your bespoke corporate wellness program and step challenge.

  • On-demand video content
  • Short educational videos
  • Create custom playlist
  • Access Live Workout Classes
  • Run Health & Wellness Seminar
  • Led by Certified instructors
  • Fitbit/Garmin compatibility
  • Direct App Connection
  • Wearable purchase discounts

Works for Everyone — all you need is a smart phone!

PUML seamlessly integrates with all major wearables, but we are also easily used by employees who do not have a fitness tracking device. Although if you would like to purchase wearables for your workplace, we can provide a discount!

LIVIN Charity Integration with PUML
Beyond Blue Charity Integration with PUML

Step towards a good cause

Choose a charity your company would like to sponsor and we will integrate a donation option as part of your wellness initiative.

As your employees earn PUML Coins, they can choose to donate them to the charity right in the app.

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Service testimonial for PUML Corporate Wellness Program

“The program launched with a Step Challenge to get us active and then added a weekly breathwork and stretch sessions, which has proved to not only be a great way to start our week but a great opportunity for our team to get together outside of the work environment. We cannot recommend PUML Better Health highly enough and look forward to our future challenges!”

Dan Kerr, CEO –

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