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Dissecting the differences


  • Game coin used to reward in the App
  • Access classes, challenges, tip users, etc.
  • Act as a bridge between the Web2 and Web3 world.
  • Infinite supply
  • Burn to receive $PUMLx


  • Access to staking rewards, asset swapping, and more
  • Ability to purchase PUML sponsored or created NFTs
  • Speculative, market tradeable
  • Governance (coming soon)
  • Max supply 500Mil

Join the PUMLx Squad.

Unlock App Features

Unlock in-app features including: multipliers, access to VIP Challenges, rare collectibles, and PUML Premium (Valued at $90 per year)

Exclusive Deals

Get access to a marketplace with unique NFTs and products from athletes, brands, and influencers only purchasable using $PUMLx.

Stake your PUMLx

Access high-reward challenges & increase reward with longer locked periods, marketplace fees and staked Athlete NFTs.

Protocol Earnings

Trading fees collected by the protocol are distributed to PUMLx stakers as rewards from our NFT Athlete and Sports Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Access Limited Merch

$PUMLx holders can now purchase limited merch drops by spending their tokens. From shirts to hats, PUML has your street style sorted.

PUMLx Distribution

Blockchain – ERC20 -Ethereum

Max Supply – 500 Million

Ecosystem Rewards – 30%

DAO Reserve – 25%

Total Supply – 496 Million

Vesting – 10% TGE, 3 Month Cliff, Linear Vesting

  • Token Sale - 17%
  • Founders and Team - 10%
  • Ecosystem Reserve - Better Health Dao - 25%
  • Advisors - 5%
  • Marketing - 13%
  • MoveFi Ecosystem Rewards - 30%

The near future. What’s possible.

We will gamify healthy behaviours via
virtual challenges and communities in the
real world and Metaverse.

Earn unique badges
with in-App utility

$PUMLx holders will qualify for special airdrops of badges powered by Polygon that will have utility within the App

puml fitness to earn

Metaverse APIs

  • Develop the world’s first MoveFi API where game developers can reward and incentivise user behaviour within the Metaverse using the PUMLx Coin.
  • PUML Challenges, Metaverse Game Developers or VR connected applications can share health data through PUML’s gamified API engine
  • Rewards users with $PUMLx token for movement activity and behaviours such as Steps, Calories Burnt and more.
metaverse keys puml app move to earn

PUMLx Marketplace

  • Dedicated Athlete NFT and Metaverse Wrapable Marketplace
  • Enable the exchange of digital rewards for items in the Meta and real world (NFTs, Merch, etc)
  • $PUMLx compatible & discounts for holders
nft marketplace get access to exclusive digital collectibles


  • A dedicated Fitness Metaverse for Sports Brands, Games and Fitness enthusiast to join competitions in the Fitness Metaverse
  • Athlete collaborations to host virtual meet-ups in the metaverse
  • Brand collaborations to provide experiences and deliver metaverse-compatible NFTs.
  • First access for $PUMLx holders
stadiverse puml move to earn

Move to Earn

Run, Cycle, Swim, Meditate and Move




Get moving and earn.

Discover ways to earn rewards for being healthy