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Data Management in the Web3-Powered Health and Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry is one of the most data-driven sectors out there. The more data available, the more informed fitness platforms can be in developing products and improving overall experience and performance for users. The challenge is that user data has been overused and abused for years now. When customers download an app […]

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​​PUMLx Token Amps Up Move-to-Earn With In-App Utilities

In mid-October 2022, PUML announced the launch of its newest endeavour: PUMLx. Tokens that build the foundation for the world’s first Fitness Metaverse. Built on the Ethereum platform, PUMLx tokens are true crypto assets compatible with third-party wallets, exchanges, listings, and more. How does this fit into the existing PUML ecosystem? Most people are familiar […]

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Bybit Launchpad 2.0 to List PUMLx

PUML Better Health is excited to announce its listing on Bybit, the world’s third most visited crypto exchange. PUMLs new crypto utility token #PUMLX will be launching on the Bybit Launchpad 2.0 on October 7th. M2E is one of the most interesting new technologies in the Web3 space. It helps promote a healthy lifestyle by offering people the […]

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Puml Better Health x

PUML Better Health is excited to announce our listing on and to celebrate we are doing an Initial Free Offering of our new token $PUMLX on 🔥🔥🔥 Founded in 2013, strives to provide its users with the best trading experience. In terms of trading volume, is one of the top 10 crypto […]

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PUML Better Health Partners with Polygon Studios

It only takes one enthusiastic yes to change the course of history and PUML has said yes to Polygon Studios. The team at PUML are proud to announce our official partnership with Polygon Studios. Polygon Studio’s investment in PUML is another exciting step forward in our roadmap towards our TGE later this year. What is […]

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PUML EOS (Beta) to be retired to make way for new Two Token Model PUML/PUMLx (ERC20)

As PUML begins to gear up for the official PUMLx launch event in 2022, we’re announcing to token holders that “PUML coin” — originally built on EOS as a beta token — will be delisted from all decentralized exchanges and the entire blockchain ecosystem. You have until Sept 1st 2022 to Burn PUML EOS and […]

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PUML ActivityDrop – It pays to be an Active EOS Mainnet User

PUML EOS Airdrop
We are excited to announce the PUML ActivityDrop. We have been working hard to get our users active on PUML, walking, running and moving more and now we are proud to announce we will be rewarding the most active EOS Mainnet users. We know how important it is to support EOS mainnet and we want [...]
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Whats your 2020 Health and Fitness Regime – the winner

Win 20 EOS and 200 PUML
[tek_sectiontitle st_title="What is your 2020 fitness regime competition winner" st_title_tag="" st_subtitle_decoration="" st_separator_enable="separator_off" st_text_align="text-center" st_width="st_fullwidth"] So for the month of November we asked our health and fitness conscience members to pre-register for the PUML Better Health App and tell us what your fitness regime will be for 2020! We posted this out on Twitter, Telegram and [...]
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