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Rewards to Use for Your Employee Wellness Program

An important part of any corporate wellbeing program or wellness challenge is the rewards or incentives you provide for your employees. Using the right rewards to motivate employees not only increases participation rates but also may help employees keep up their healthy habits after your program ends.  Instead of one grand prize, it’s better to [...]
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Planning a Corporate Wellness Program – Questions to Ask

There are so many different types of workplace wellness programs, it can be overwhelming deciding what works for your business. At the end of your wellness initiative, the goal is for your employees to think more about their health and make healthier decisions. When you put your employees’ needs at the center of your wellness [...]
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Encouraging Social Wellness at Work

What is Social Wellness? Humans naturally crave social connection. Familial bonds, close friendships and romantic relationships all play a part in maintaining healthy social connections in our lives. However, social wellbeing expands beyond just our close relationships. Social wellbeing is a sense of belonging to a community and making a contribution to society. It involves [...]
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