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Prevent Disease with your Corporate Wellness Program

A new study has been released looking at the ways to increase your number of “disease-free years” as you age. The researchers analysed different combinations of lifestyle factors to see how they correlate with the number of disease-free years an individual has in their lifetime. What they found is that of 16 different lifestyle profiles [...]
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A Simple Guide to Creating your Corporate Wellness Initiative

create a corporate wellnes initiative
Not sure where to start with your company's wellness initiative? Follow this simple plan to start formulating some ideas and get the ball rolling! [tek_sectiontitle st_title="1. Survey Your Employees" st_title_tag="h2" st_subtitle_decoration="" st_separator_enable="separator_off" st_text_align="text-left" st_width="st_fullwidth"] Before you start any wellness program, it is important to figure out what your goals are. An easy way to do [...]
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