Team Building & Your Step Challenge

A sense of team or community can make your workplace more fun and effective. A great way to build this is through a company wellness challenge. Here are three ways a wellness challenge can help your team beyond just the physical health benefits.


In a fitness challenge, you want your employees to interact with each other and hold each other accountable for their team and individual fitness goals. Similarly, you want employees to hold each other accountable to do their best work on projects and their day to day tasks. It is important for employees to hold each other accountable so that every issue or question doesn’t have to go higher up. Check your team leaderboards and remind your teammates to get their steps in each day if you’re doing a step challenge, so this level of accountability becomes the norm on your team.

Team Building

Use your wellness challenge as an excuse to practice some team-building skills. There are quite a few skills that you can focus on during a challenge that are also important in your day-to-day work, such as:

  • Aligning with goals
  • Working well together
  • Brainstorming
  • Encouragement/ positive reinforcement
  • Time management
  • Persuasion skills
  • Communication skills

Choose one or two from the above list as a team leader and focus on fostering that skill throughout the challenge.


Lastly, it is always just more fun to be on a team that gets along and jokes with each other. We all want team members who go the extra mile to make the workplace more enjoyable for everyone. To do this, you need to become that team member. So go all out for your wellness challenge – encourage your teammates, give shoutouts to top weekly winners in your meetings, schedule walking meetings. Incorporate this spirit into your wellbeing challenge to make for a more fun workplace and others will follow in your suit.

Start building a sense of community with your corporate wellness program and watch it spill over to your work environment.

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