PUML makes significant improvements to its App and welcomes partners

Over the last two quarters, PUML has achieved significant milestones in terms of product development, strategic partnerships, new exchange listings, and awards.

App Updates:

PUML has been making significant strides in its product development efforts over the last few quarters. The platform has introduced several new features and improvements to its app, with a particular focus on enhancing user engagement and experience. These updates have included new challenges, a daily claim feature, gated challenges, and an improved social feed. PUML has also invested heavily in research and development, resulting in four new app releases in Q1 2023 alone. These updates have not only increased the app’s functionality but have also helped drive revenue growth for the platform. Let’s dive deeper into some of the specific app updates that PUML has implemented in recent months.

Marketplace: One of the notable achievements of PUML has been the expansion of its product offerings in the App Marketplace. The platform has added digital offers and e-books to its existing features, thereby increasing its value proposition for users.

Redeem: PUML also completed two rounds of redeeming PUML tokens for PUMLx. These were limited-time events for converting PUML game tokens to $PUMLx that were available in the PUML App. Both rounds were extremely successful with complete sell-outs in less than 48 hours.

Gated Challenges: To further engage users, PUML has introduced gated physical and wellbeing challenges, with entry fees. These challenges require an entry fee, which adds a new layer of engagement for users. In addition to being more engaging, the gated challenges offer high rewards for those who complete them successfully. This incentivizes users to commit to their health goals and provides a sense of accomplishment upon completion. PUML has plans to introduce premium-only challenges soon, which will offer even more significant rewards and provide additional motivation for users to participate.

Daily Claim: A major update was the introduction of the Daily Claim feature has been introduced. This feature allows users to claim a reward every day simply by logging into the app. This feature helps encourage daily engagement with the platform and provides an additional incentive for users to remain active. Further updates have been made to the Daily Claim, adding the ability for users to lodge a daily step goal and track their progress in relation to those goals.

Collaborations & Awards

Awards: PUML has also been recognized for its contributions to the blockchain and health sectors, winning the Australian Blockie and Best Social Enterprise awards. In addition, the platform has been named a finalist for the Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards and QLD iAwards.

Collabs: PUML has also collaborated with several organizations and events, including a co-branded Tennis NFT with the Australian Open, signed a deal with top BMX athlete Logan Martin to release an NFT project in 2023, and a sponsorship deal with the T10 Cricket team, The Chennai Braves.

Government-Initiatives: PUML also launched its ActiveKit in collaboration with the Queensland Government and expanded its presence to new markets, including Japan, Korea, and Russia. These initiatives helped secure partnerships with various athletes, including Logan Martin, Chelsea Hodges, Harriet Brown, Kiera Austin, and others.

Web3 Collabs: PUML has been actively collaborating with various Web3 projects and NFT communities to promote health and wellness in the digital space. One notable collaboration is with Azuki Australia, where PUML sponsored “The Garden” event, bringing together dozens of Azuki holders and NFT enthusiasts for a night of fun, games, and giveaways. PUML also collaborated with Surgence and RooTroop in exclusive step challenges. These collaborations have helped increase engagement, exposure to new audiences, and potential revenue streams, creating more value for PUMLx holders. PUML is committed to continuing its collaborations with Web3 projects to promote health and wellness and create a better platform for its users.

Other Updates

Bug Hunter: In the last couple months, PUML launched a Bug Hunter Program, where users can report bugs on the platform, rewarding $10 worth of PUMLx tokens to those that are first to report a bug. Two successful

Listings: In terms of exchange listings, PUMLx, the native token of the platform, has been listed on several top exchanges, including Bybit, Bitget, Kucoin, Finexbox, and Gate.io. PUML has also added Uniswap, the number one DEX, to its list of exchanges, with liquidity pools in both V2 and V3. (Discover PUMLx here: www.puml.io/pumlx)

Secret PUMLx Update: Exciting news is on the horizon for PUMLx holders! The platform has been hard at work behind the scenes, developing a new feature that will soon be available for PUMLx holders. This new feature will allow them to use their tokens to access a range of exclusive products and services.

New Mascot: If you haven’t noticed yet… This lil’ cutie has been causing an explosion of fun on the PUML socials.

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In summary, PUML has made significant progress over the last two quarters, with exciting collaborations, product releases, awards, and exchange listings. With a focus on consumer users and expanding its reach globally, PUML continues to strengthen its position as a leading gamified preventative health platform.

Our new roadmap is available here: https://whitepaper.puml.io/company-information/roadmap