How To Buy WearX NFTs on

PUML Better Health is collaborating with on a major 1,500 WearX NFT drop on 21 November 2022. The drop will occur at 2PM UTC.

How To Get Started

1. Sign-up for a free account via their app or website.

2. Verify your account

For more information on how to verify your account, look HERE.

3. If you aren’t on our Allowlist or a PUMLx holder, you can use the following payment methods to make your purchase:

  • credit/debit card
  • balance
  • Pay
  • ERC20 wallet — ie. Metamask, WalletConnect, etc.

4. Be sure to sign-up for NFT with the same email address.

To connect your account to your NFT account, please follow the steps HERE.

5. Select your preferred method of payment to make your purchase.

6. For more information on:

  • credit/debit card purchase limits
  • drop purchases
  • marketplace purchases
  • queue system for limited-time drops
  • supported currencies
  • KYC element


Check out: Buying and Selling | Help Center

For more details, check out: Getting Started — NFT | Help Center

Other Ways To Buy

Please refer to the information provided on WearX — PUMLx for:

  • Allowlist holders
  • PUMLx holders; and
  • Our public sale

Key Dates

21 November 2022……..Allowlist

21 November 2022…… NFT Drop

22 November 2022……..PUMLx Holders

24 November 2022……..Public Sale

For any questions, comments or other queries, please feel free to reach out to us via our Discord server:

Minting on WearX ( will become available on 24 November 2022.