PUML Embraces AI and Introduces New Features

At PUML Better Health, we’re dedicated to continually enhancing your wellness journey. We’re thrilled to announce the release of several new features designed to elevate your experience and help you reach your health and fitness goals like never before. Hear from Miya on some of the latest updates!

As we continue building functionalities, below you’ll find some details on what the latest updates entail and what’s on the horizon. Let’s dive in.

Artificial Intelligence Meditations:

Say hello to a new era of mindfulness with our AI-led meditations. We’ve replaced traditional classes with a series of unique meditations guided by AI avatars, harnessing the power of technology to deepen your practice. Don’t worry if you prefer the human touch – MJ is still here to lead you through sessions with warmth and expertise.

Introducing PUML Squad:

We’re excited to introduce the PUML Squad, a revamped version of our Social Feed. Here, you’ll not only connect with fellow users but also discover who owns WearX, PUMLx, and see new and trending users who are smashing their health goals. It’s your hub for inspiration, motivation, and community support.

Search for Friends:

Looking to connect with friends on your wellness journey? Now you can! Our new search feature allows you to find and connect with any user on the app. Stay tuned as this lays the groundwork for creating your own challenges – an exciting feature coming soon!

Team Challenges:

Soon, users will be able to create their own teams and compete in challenges in the App. With the new search feature now functional, it is only a matter of time before users will be able to unite in various challenge types to earn as a unit. This also means we will be able to run challenges with different team types including: City vs City, Country vs Country, Sports Club vs Sports Club, Continent vs Continent, and so much more. A Team Challenge is starting in 10 days but you can create your team now! You can find the challenge under Move to Earn Challenges.

What’s Next:

Running Feature:

Get ready to lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement with our upcoming GPS-led running feature. Start your run directly in the app, track your distance, and earn PUML rewards for every kilometer covered. Free users can earn up to 1km, while PUML Premium users will enjoy tracking up to 2km. Additional rewards will apply to those that have $PUMLx (based on the amount you hold – more $PUMLx = more rewards) and/or WearX (based on the rarity and NFT traits). It’s a game-changer for runners of all levels. Keep your eyes on our socials for when this will be available!

Tiered Rewards for PUMLx Holders:

Calling all PUMLx holders! We’re introducing tiered rewards that recognize and reward your commitment to the PUML ecosystem. The more PUMLx you hold, the greater your in-app rewards will be. Stay tuned for more details on how you can maximize your benefits and unlock exclusive perks.

At PUML Better Health, we’re committed to innovation and empowering you on your wellness journey. With our latest features and exciting developments on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to join the PUML community. Download the app today and discover the future of wellness with PUML Better Health.