Celebrating Success: Our Triumphant Pitch at SEG3 Conference UK

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent success at the SEG3 conference held at Emirates Stadium, London. Out of numerous outstanding companies, we were honored to be selected as one of the six companies to pitch.

SEG3 is a renowned gathering that unites the sports, entertainment, and gaming industries with the web3 community. SEG3 serves as the epicenter for global sports, entertainment, and gaming industries to explore the vast potential of web3 technology. The immersive and web3 technologies have opened up new horizons, allowing organizations to redefine their brand, connect with their audience in novel ways, and reimagine revenue models. At SEG3, we witnessed a convergence of diverse professionals, all eager to harness the power of web3 and leverage its transformative impact on their respective domains.

Engaging Sessions and Immersive Experiences: Throughout the conference, SEG3 captivated attendees with an array of interactive sessions, immersive experiences, and deep dives into innovative use cases prevalent in sports, entertainment, and gaming. The event showcased groundbreaking technologies and provided a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and exploration of cutting-edge solutions. Our team actively participated in these sessions, gaining valuable insights and forging connections with industry experts and thought leaders.

Presentation at SEG3

The Thrill of the Pitch Competition: One of the most exhilarating moments at SEG3 was the pitch competition. With heavyweight investors in the audience and industry leaders from sports, entertainment, and gaming present, the stakes were high. We prepared meticulously to deliver a compelling pitch that showcased the uniqueness and potential of our project. The electrifying atmosphere fueled our passion and determination as we presented our vision, value proposition, and growth prospects. And with great pride, we emerged victorious, winning the pitch competition and securing the recognition and support of the esteemed panel of judges.

CEO/Founder Damien King & COO Debora Koçak

Powerful Connections and Collaborations: Beyond the pitch competition, SEG3 provided an exceptional opportunity to engage with influential figures and key decision-makers. Our discussions with representatives from prominent sporting organizations such as UEFA, FIFA, and SORARE opened doors to potential partnerships and collaborations. These interactions allowed us to showcase our capabilities and explore synergies with industry giants, paving the way for exciting future prospects. Additionally, corporate demo meetings provided a platform to showcase our product, attracting interest from potential buyers and investors.

Our participation in SEG3 marked a significant milestone in our journey. The recognition received through winning the pitch competition, combined with the valuable connections made, has propelled us forward with newfound momentum.

We are immensely grateful for the opportunities SEG3 presented and remain committed to driving innovation in the sports, entertainment, and gaming industries. With the support garnered at SEG3, we are excited to embark on the next phase of our growth and impact.

Venue for SEG3 — London Emirates Stadium

The SEG3 conference at Emirates Stadium proved to be an unforgettable experience filled with learning, collaboration, and celebration. We are honored to have been among the select few chosen to pitch our project and are immensely proud of our achievements. The conference served as a nexus of ideas, connecting diverse industries and enabling the exploration of web3’s immense potential. As we reflect on our successful journey at SEG3, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transforming the sports, entertainment, and gaming landscapes with innovative solutions powered by web3 technology.