Help form long-term healthy habits

Create a health challenge and inspire youth to actively take part in physical activity, health, and fitness.

Engage with your community in a unique way by leading a health challenge of your choice.

PUML offers a range of challenges including: Meditation, Hydration, Gratitude, Steps, Stretching, Sleep, and more.

Help create healthy habits for the younger generationå

Built with innovative and novel technology, virtual physical and mental health challenges are all gamified with our own digital currency $PUML coin and digital assets called NFTs.

PUML provides you with the tools to create a memorable challenge that will promote health and wellbeing to all participants. The benefits for the participants are endless. Choose one (or more!) that best fits what you already do on a daily basis, or even challenge yourself:

Create a unique collection of non-fungible tokens

Be a part of the revolution within the cryptocurrency industry by creating unique collectibles that can be earned by challenge participants.

Hear from Phoebe Bell

Phoebe recently joined PUML to create two challenges: Steps & Meditation. Driven by her passion for mental health, Phoebe seeks to bring the community together in hopes that she can motivate young people to care more about health and fitness, both inside and out

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