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Customize a series of step & activity challenges that motivate your customers and audience. Participants get rewarded with PUML Coin, which can be redeemed for rewards in our marketplace.
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Elements of PUML Branded Challenges

Engage with your audience in a new way
Video Ads

All participants will watch a video of your brand or products before joining your challenge

EDM Marketing

We send out an email to our current users promoting your brand and branded challenge

Targetted Challenges

Want to focus on your target market? We can restrict who can enter based on country, gender or age.

Challenge Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be used to amp up the competition and promote the challenge

Product Promotion

You can choose what products to use as rewards to get participants excited


We will send notifications to our users throughout the challenge reminding them to join or invite a friend

Create a Branded Challenge

How it Works

We will work together to create the best challenge for your brand to engage customers.

1. Start with a challenge that motivates your customers

PERKii Better You PUML Challenge Screen

2. Gamify the experience with a leaderboard

PERKii Better You PUML Leaderboard Screen

3. Add your rewards to the marketplace

PUML Rewards Marketplace Screen

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