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Redeeming Gift Cards on the Marketplace

I submitted a Gift Card order on the Marketplace. Where is it? How long does it take?
All Marketplace gift card orders are processed manually and individually by real people! This process usually takes a few days, but at times it may take up to 7 days.

*Please only contact us if you have not received your gift card after one full week.

You will receive a confirmation email from us within a few days of submitting your order. Your gift card should arrive 1 – 2 working days after you receive your confirmation email. All of our gift cards are live tracked which enables us to see if the order has been received and also when it is opened.

Troubleshooting tips:

*Check your spam/junk folders for your gift email. We use various gift card providers and so the gift card won’t necessarily come from an email address from us, it may slide into your junk/spam folders.

*Did you claim an item that was not available to your country? Some of our gift cards are not available in every country, so please ensure to read the currency of the gift card when you place your order.

*Did you order over 5+ gift cards in one go? We have a thorough review process to ensure all is fair and legitimate. If you order a bulk order of cards all at once, it automatically gets flagged for review and your order/s will take longer to process.


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