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What are Wearables?

Wearables are digital items that are able to unlock special features in the PUML App such as boosting rewards or exclusive benefits.

If you hold a WearX, you can unlock PUML Premium (Valued at more than $150 per year) for Free.* (Must be held in the PUML Wallet).

WearX is a digital collectible which is available for purchase on OpenSea – Get Yours Here 

Unlock PUML Premium by holding a WearX in your PUML Wallet

By holding at least 1 WearX in your wallet you will automatically qualify for PUML Premium status. This exclusive membership tier unlocks a range of benefits, including higher daily claim rewards, unlimited claims, access to over 1000 on-demand fitness and wellness videos, exclusive challenges, classes with certified instructors, and more!

How to transfer WearX to your PUML Wallet

Transferring a WearX digital collectible is easy! Simply go to where the WearX is held and send the WearX to your PUML Wallet Address. You can find your Wallet Address (0x….) in your PUML App Wallet. Simply copy this address and send the WearX to it. Once received, the App will automatically recognise it and upgrade your account to PUML Premium. If you need assistance, please read this article. 

What is WearX?

For those new to WearX, PUML’s Genesis WearX Collection is a vibrant assortment of 1800 NFTs, each offering a unique blend of colourations, trait designs, and variations. Within this expansive collection, collectors can explore an array of distinctive watch faces, bands, models, accessories, and backgrounds. The meticulous attention to detail in each WearX NFT ensures that no two pieces are alike, creating an immersive and personalised experience for collectors.

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