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How to get WearX in your PUML Wallet

Unlock PUML Premium by holding a WearX

If you haven’t already obtained a WearX NFT, you can do so by visiting here

Once you have a WearX, simply go to the wallet that contains your WearX and send it to your unique PUML wallet address.


  1. Get your PUML wallet address by navigating the PUML wallet

2. Navigate to the PUMLx section (ETH wallet) and click on Receive to copy your wallet address to the clipboard.

3. Go to MetaMask and navigate to your ETH wallet (make sure you are using the Ethereum Network). Go to the NFT section to find your WearX

4. Select the WearX NFT you’d like to send to the PUML wallet and click on Send

5. Paste your PUMLx Wallet address you got from Step 2 and follow the prompts (you will need some ETH to complete the transaction).

6. You are done! It will now be in your PUML App ready for use

If your WearX is from you will need to withdraw from the App — Follow these instructions: withdrawal and reveal process

Follow the instructions in the video below, or keep reading for written instructions on how to withdraw and reveal your WearX NFT.

  1. On the NFT listing page, click on the three dots and select “Withdraw NFT”.

2. Select Ethereum destination network in the dropdown and paste your PUML wallet address to the field provided (do not enter the address manually).

3. Input the 8-digit verification code sent to your email and click “Submit”. You will need to complete 2FA (two-factor authentication) as well depending on your security settings.

4. Check the withdrawal fee and proceed to complete payment. Please make sure to complete the payment within the allocated 5-minute quote window.

5. After the payment has been completed successfully, you should see the “Payment success” modal.

6. Once the withdrawal is completed and confirmed on-chain, you will receive a confirmation email. This may take up to 48 hours depending on your NFT account settings.

Once you have withdrawn your WearX NFT to your PUML Wallet, you will be able to see your fully revealed, algorithmically generated WearX & automatically unlock PUML Premium!

Unlock PUML Premium by holding a WearX in your PUML Wallet

By holding at least 10,000 $PUMLx tokens (find out more here) or at least 1 WearX in your wallet you will automatically qualify for PUML Premium status. This exclusive membership tier unlocks a range of benefits, including higher daily claim rewards, access to over 1000 on-demand fitness and wellness videos, exclusive challenges, classes with certified instructors, and the flexibility to tune in from anywhere.

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