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How to get 10,000 $PUMLx tokens in your PUML Wallet

Unlock PUML Premium by holding 10k $PUMLx

To get 10,000 $PUMLx tokens in your PUML wallet you will need to complete the following steps:

Option 1: Acquiring tokens via DEX/CEX platforms

  1. Go to and click on one of these:

2. Register for an account if you don’t have one yet.

3. Purchase at least 10,000 tokens

4. Send them to your PUML wallet address by using the withdraw or send functionalities (each platform will vary, check their FAQs or support pages if you require more help). To find your wallet address, simply go to your wallet, tap on Receive and copy the address.

5. Your account will then reflect the PUMLx tokens and automatically unlock PUML Premium. No additional action is required.

Option 2: Earn PUML tokens by completing challenges & exchange for $PUMLx

Periodically, PUML will open the wallet to accept exchanges from PUML to PUMLx at a 2:1 ratio. There are often limitations on user levels and participation levels so make sure to level up to make the most of the redeems when they come around! Keep an eye out for updates.

Unlock PUML Premium by holding a WearX in your PUML Wallet

By holding at least 10,000 $PUMLx tokens or at least 1 WearX  in your wallet you will automatically qualify for PUML Premium status. This exclusive membership tier unlocks a range of benefits, including higher daily claim rewards, access to over 1000 on-demand fitness and wellness videos, exclusive challenges, classes with certified instructors, and the flexibility to tune in from anywhere.

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