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How Do I Sync to Samsung Health?

Track steps from your Samsung Health app

When using a Samsung mobile device to connect to PUML and are not using a wearable device, you may connect to your Samsung Health app to track your steps.

When entering a challenge, and/or when claiming daily steps, you will be prompted with the sync selector screen below.

1. Select ‘Connect to Samsung Health’

2. You will then be prompted to grant permissions, select ‘all permissions’ and tap ‘done’.

*If you don’t select all permissions, PUML will not be able to sync the data.

3. The PUML app will then be synchronised to your Samsung Health data.

*Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for data to fully update to the PUML app.

*Please note, PUML does not sync from other third party apps, therefore if you have data being pulled into Samsung Health by another 3rd party app, this will cause complications to the overall data sync.

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