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How do I redeem PUML coins for $PUMLx tokens?

$PUMLx Redeem Rounds!

Using the PUML App, you can easily redeem your PUML coins for $PUMLx tokens when a Redeem Round is open.  Rounds will be announced on the PUML twitter and all other social media accounts when it is available. Keep an eye out for announcements and keep stacking your PUML coins in the meantime by completing challenges and the Daily Claim.


If a Round is Open, the process of redeeming is simple:


  1. Select the Redeem Package in the PUML App Marketplace
  2. Purchase a redeem package for 2000 PUML
  3. Enter your ERC20 Wallet public address and submit!
  4. If you have more PUML remaining for another redeem package, you may buy another redeem package.


*Note: All redeems are validated by the PUML Team. You will need to wait for the tokens to be credited to the ETH address within 3 business days of your claim* — See Redeem pending validation below for more information


Please Note:

  • All Redeem Rounds will have a limited pool of  $PUMLx to be distributed. This means that Redeems are limited and take place on a first-come-first-serve basis until the allocation is exhausted.
  • No gas fee involved.
  • Users can redeem multiple times, with no cap per person (*using a Fair Use Policy as per the Terms and Conditions).
  • Eligibility requirements may be based on user level or subscription type.



If you have 2500 PUML in your account at the time of redeem, you can buy one redeem package, which costs 2000 PUML. Once validated, you will receive 1000 $PUMLx directly to your ERC20 wallet within 48 hours of the claim.


If you have 5000 PUML in your account, you will be able to claim twice, with 2000 PUML each time. Once validated, you will receive 2000 $PUMLx directly to your ERC20 wallet within 48 hours of each claim.


Redeem pending validation*

All redeems are validated and checked by PUML Support to ensure the fairness and integrity of the process. The team will audit any flagged accounts during this process, which may result in a loss of PUML. If your account is found to be suspicious, PUML reserves the right to withhold the PUML redeemed. Once $PUMLx is transferred, no refund will be processed.

See Terms and Conditions for more information

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