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Joining and leaving teams

Some corporate challenges have teams you can compete on. Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to join and leave a team.

Joining a team

Click on your company logo to get to the main challenge page.

Then scroll down to find a team to join or search for your team name.

Leaving a team

Accidentally joined the wrong team? or simply want to just leave your team?

Firstly ensure you are within your team page then click the exit icon in the top right hand corner (as pictured below).

Leaving a team to re-enter, in order to reset/select a different syncing option?

Please ensure to note down any manual steps you may have added within your team. This is because all previous manual data will be deleted upon exiting a team, if you want to keep it you will need to re-enter it manually upon re-entering your team.

Furthermore, if you are switching to a device/app syncing option (upon re-entering your team) data will sync from the start date of your challenge, this may take 24 hours.

Still having issues?