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How can I get PUML Premium?

Becoming a PUML Premium member is a breeze

How to Join the PUML Premium Club:

– Crypto Buffs: Obtain and hold 10k PUMLx cryptocurrency in your app wallet. Invest in your well-being and watch those PUML coins pile up.

– WearX NFT Owners: Obtain and hold a WearX NFT in your app wallet which will automatically unlock PUML Premium. Cool, right?

– In-App Subscription: If you prefer the traditional route, just snag a premium subscription right within the app. Choose the plan that suits you best, and let’s take your wellness journey to the next level.

– Corporate Wellness: Encourage your workplace to join PUML as a corporate partner. That unlocks premium perks for you and your colleagues. Request a demo for your workplace at

Your well-being means the world to us, and with PUML Premium, we’re making sure your journey is not only healthier but also happier. Thanks for being part of our community — here’s to leveling up your wellness game!

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