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How do I convert my other physical activity into steps?

Some corporate challenges allow participants to count other exercise as steps. Follow these instructions for converting and entering your activity.

Converting Activities into Steps

1. Enter your team and click on the below icon in the top right of the screen


2. The below screen will appear, select your completed activity and drag the slider bar to the duration of the exercise completed


3. Tap ‘Intensity’ and select the appropriate intensity of your completed exercise, and then tap ‘add steps’. The entry will show in your history.

Non Listed Activities

If you complete an exercise which does not show up in the activity list, here is a simple chart for converting your activity to steps.

Activity Matrix

You can enter these converted steps manually. Go to your challenge and then click the Manual Entry icon in the top right corner. Follow the same steps above, but select ‘steps’ as your activity


Activity breakdown

Moderate intensity activity causes a slight, but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. You should be able to maintain a conversation. Some examples of moderate intensity activity include:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Horse riding
  • Rowing
  • Dancing
  • Active gardening (e.g. mowing, raking and digging)

10 minutes of moderate intensity activity = 1,000 steps


High intensity activity makes you “huff and puff” and is where talking full sentences between breaths is difficult. Some examples of high intensity activity include:

  • Circuit training
  • Aerobics
  • Brisk rowing
  • Fast cycling
  • Jogging
  • Competitive sport (e.g. squash, football and netball)

10 minutes of high intensity activity = 2,000 steps

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