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Can I earn For Meditating?

Earn PUML coins daily in our Meditation Challenges

Yes you can! PUML is more than just physical challenges, we care about mental wellbeing too. PUML rewards are issued slightly differently in our meditation challenges compared to our step challenges. In meditation challenges the PUML rewards are issued daily. For example, when you enter a meditation challenge and complete a meditation session, you will get a screen prompt showing how much you have been rewarded for that session & day (see below)

Be sure to check the challenge descriptions, as sometimes there may be a goal criteria you need to achieve in order to receive the daily reward (i.e a minimum 30 minute session).

Generally in meditation challenges, you can earn PUML coin a maximum of once per day. If you make meditation a daily habit, this can quickly add up to a healthy amount of PUML rewards.

So join a meditation challenge today to feel good and to start earning!

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