Gym Rewards that
Improve Retention & Engagement

Use PUML's Gym Rewards Program to increase member visit frequency, build loyalty, reduce member attrition & engage with a choice of rewards that delight.
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Why PUML's Gym Rewards Program Works

Reduce Attrition Rates

Increasing member visit frequency is proven to increase longevity of gym membership.

Increase Member Engagement

A visual engagement tool that stimulates manager and member conversation.

Increase Bottom Line

By engaging at risk members, you can increase the lifetime value of your member-base.

How our Gym Rewards Program Works

PUML is a gym fitness activity engagement platform that incentivises members to visit more often, earning points that can be converted into rewards.

Create a bespoke reward program

The PUML platform is easy to use & it only takes a few minutes to have a reward program up and running. Create, update & delete rewards whenever you want. If you have relationships with local businesses in your area, you can add rewards for their businesses too.

Hardware & software provided

A PUML tablet and stand will be provided, which is simple to set up and use. Your members download the PUML app and use their unique QR code to check-in instantly via the tablet to start earning tokens. You can create business check-in rules to protect against fraud.

See what's working

View your members’ data in real time. Be able to see member check-ins, member tokens & reward claims. Give tokens to any specific members and administer any reward claims directly with your members. See what rewards are popular and tweak accordingly.

What our customers are saying...

Our members have really taken to the PUML rewards system. Some members have commented that they make a special effort to come in because they don’t want to miss out on their rewards points. (as we know higher usage = longer memberships!). I personally feel that members appreciate their rewards more (such as Jetts bags and hats) because they know how hard they have worked to get them 😉 The system is also beneficial for LAM with other businesses.

Graham Honsa,

Jetts Club Manager Murrumba Downs

Our members love the free rewards from PUML. It is so easy to use and a really cool selling point as very few gyms give free rewards just for coming in! They all get excited when something new is updated and I also use it to approach local businesses for cross promotion opportunities, it makes it so much easier. It is definitely a huge bonus for our members; having it in our club 😉

Nicole Davis

Brisbane Fitness Club - Kallangur Manager

PUML is awesome. Our members here at Ferny Grove love the extra motivation/incentive reward system. We have rewards from Coffee, Massage, Personal Training and 1 hour Free court hire on Centre Court at Pat Rafter. I think if you make the rewards interesting and achievable, members will engage with PUML. It’s important to get the local businesses on board as well for networking.

Fran Jays

Club Manager Ferny Grove

The PUML rewards tablet has been awesome! More than half of our members are using it which is great. It helps with attrition as it encourages usage by rewarding check-ins and also sends out automatic emails to low usage members before they become dormant. It's also a good engagement tool to get members involved in the gym by offering them free group classes, a cheap PT session or whatever your club is doing at the time. It is nice to see so many members using it every time they come to the gym, the really love it.

Jason Edkins

Club Owner Albany Creek

Engage your members with the PUML gym retention platform

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