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Sponsor PUML virtual activity challenges to promote your products, grow your audience, and engage new customers.
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Why Partner With Us?

PUML Better Health is an Australia-based Sportstech blockchain and crypto company founded in 2018. Our Web3 platform gamifies health and fitness challenges and rewards members with our Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Built with innovative technology, PUML is a SaaS wellbeing platform that aims to improve healthy behaviors and provides data insights about users and their wellness by connecting with wearable data providers such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung Health, and Google Fit.

Elements of PUML Branded Challenges

Engage with your audience in a new way
Video Ads

All participants will watch a video of your brand or products before joining your challenge

EDM Marketing

We send out an email to our current users promoting your brand and branded challenge

Targetted Challenges

Want to focus on your target market? We can restrict who can enter based on country, gender or age.

Challenge Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be used to amp up the competition and promote the challenge

Product Promotion

You can choose what products to use as rewards to get participants excited


We will send notifications to our users throughout the challenge reminding them to join or invite a friend

How Businesses Use Sponsored Challenges

Any Brand or Product

  • Sponsor your current customers and potential new ones
  • Engage your current customers in a new way
  • Gain brand awareness
  • Create a branded challenge and add branded rewards to the marketplace
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Corporate Wellness Platform (WelR)

  • Sponsor your employees
  • Create health and fitness challenges
  • LIVE video workout classes
  • Wellness video series delivered via email
  • Compete within a team or against other departments
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Gyms & Fitness Studios

  • Sponsor your members
  • Increase member visit frequency, build loyalty, and reduce member attrition
  • Give PUML Coin and rewards for member check-ins
  • Create internal challenges or compete against other gyms
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Why Sponsor a Challenge?

Create healthy habits

Creating a health challenge is a fantastic opportunity for brands to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner.

Inspire the next generation

Access new markets of customers, inspire healthy behavior, and promote your business in a unique way.

Promote products & services

Engage more customers and gain brand awareness by sponsoring your offer as the reward for completing the challenge.

Globally Recognised

PUML is the most sophisticated virtual challenge and rewards platform on the market today allowing members to earn real cryptocurrency for completing healthy behaviors such as meditation, step challenges, sleep, hydration, and more.

PUML has gained local and global awards and support from universities such as New York University, University of Queensland, and the Sportstech Hype Spin Accelerator in Tel Aviv.

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How it Works

We actively work with you to design the best possible challenge that suits your needs and your objectives.

1. Start with a challenge that motivates

By choosing one of many different available challenge options, you will be able to lead the way for young adults and other PUML users to build healthy habits. Choose a random challenge or pick one that closely aligns your brand’s objectives, PUML caters to a large variety of needs.

Along with check-in based challenges, PUML offers other gamified challenges to increase engagement and aid in habit formation. Members can participate in these challenges from anywhere! We have challenges based around:

  • Steps
  • Activity (running, cycling, rowing, etc.)
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Meditation
  • Daily water intake

2. Gamify the experience with a leaderboard

Nothing engages people more than a little bit of healthy competition. Our leaderboard system is used to evaluate individual performance and as a qualification for in-app rewards such as $PUML coin and any products you may sponsor for the challenge. $PUML coin is awarded for top activity and micro rewards are given to all participants. Coins can be exchanged for products and services or held in wallets for redeeming later.

3. Add your rewards to the marketplace

PUML has a built-in marketplace of health and wellness products and services. Users spend their earned PUML Coins on these rewards. As part of a branded challenge, your business can add your products to the marketplace for increased brand awareness. When users buy these products with their PUML Coins, your company will receive the money from PUML in AUD for products purchased.

Create a branded fitness challenge for your audience!