Leave a lasting footprint on your audience

Sponsor PUML virtual activity challenges to promote your products, grow your audience, and engage new customers.

Show that you care about health

Creating a health challenge is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner that motivates and rewards people for making healthy choices.

Find a new audience and engage your existing customers

You can choose to sponsor a challenge that aligns most with your brand. We offer challenges in the following categories:

Built-in Rewards System & Marketplace

Offer discounts, digital products, sell digital collectibles and more. Challenge participants get rewarded with PUML Coins which can be spent in our marketplace, saved for later, donated or exchanged for crypto-currency! Add your own prizes and products to our marketplace or stick with what we already have.

Grow brand awareness and attract new customers

Invite your existing customer base to the platform and engage with them in ways that can’t be done via social media. Increase your reach by taking advantage of our existing user base of more than 200,000 located around the world. 

Works for Everyone — all you need is a smart phone!

PUML seamlessly integrates with all major wearables, but the App is fully useable by anyone that does not have access to a fitness tracking device.

Charity Integration

Choose a charity your company would like to sponsor and we will integrate a donation option as part of your wellness initiative. As users earn PUML Coins, they can choose to donate them to the charity right in the app.

Beyond Blue Charity Integration with PUML
LIVIN Charity Integration with PUML

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How Businesses Use Sponsored Challenges

Any Brand or Product

  • Branded challenge
  • Find new customers
  • Uniquely engage users
  • Gain brand awareness
  • Branded rewards

Corporate Wellness Platform

  • Wellness program for employees
  • Private health/fitness challenges
  • LIVE video workout classes
  • Flexible fee options
  • Team or Department based

Gyms & Fitness Studios

  • Increase member visit frequency
  • Build loyalty
  • Reduce member attrition
  • Reward PUML Coin
  • Internal or Gym v Gym challenges

Create a branded fitness challenge

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