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Choose from a series of step & activity challenges to build a program that works for your team. Employees get rewarded with PUML fitness tokens, which can be redeemed for rewards in our marketplace.
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The Corporate Wellness Program Status Quo

Today many businesses set up a corporate wellness program that offers features such as a communication portal, employee discounts, recognition and surveys...

However, employee health & wellbeing is often overlooked or ends up being a token offering.

3 Big Workplace Wellness Problems

1/ Most of us spend between a third & a half of our waking lives at work. Our workloads, sedentary screen-based jobs, diets, physical activity and associated adopted habits are all directly shaped by our employer. These trends are leading to burnout, chronic diseases brought on from increased weight gain & culture that is unsustainable.

2/ On top of this attracting & keeping talent is becoming more difficult, as competitive opportunities increase. People want to work for a company that values them & makes a commitment to their wellbeing.

3/ To get employees engaged in their own health & fitness you need to cater for a wide range of abilities, diverse activities & time/life constraints. A gym membership, fruit box delivery, 10k runs or one-off step challenges rarely get strong workforce uptake.

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