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Move to Earn Today.

Join the Web3 Revolution. Get rewarded with cryptocurrency for completing health challenges such as Steps, Hydration, Meditation, Sleep, and More.

Download PUML on the app store
Download PUML on the app store
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Boost your rewards with WearX

Unlock new features, levels of gameplay and boost your in-app earnings by owning one or more of our WearX digital wearable NFT collection.

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Unlock your true potential with PUMLx

Get a share of the world's first Fitness Metaverse with a revolutionary Web3 'MoveFi' platform designed to reward, engage, gamify and socialise users to better health and wellbeing.

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Join a challenge and start moving

Corporates, brands, and professional athletes sponsor healthy living, physical and mental challenges for you to compete in. These challenges range from meditation, hydration, steps, sleep, and so much more. They are all designed to help you form healthy habits all whilst getting rewarded for it too.

Get rewarded for being active

PUML is designed to incentivise healthy habits in the most 'fun' way possible. This means that we actively congratulate and reward participants with discount codes, merchandise, Non Fungible Tokens & $PUML Coin.

Exchange your digital rewards for items in the real world.

Spend your Coins on products, trade them for cryptocurrency or donate them to charity!

Connect Devices & Sync

PUML seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and more wearables to run fun engaging fan challenges. Wearables are optional. PUML is compatible and fully functional with just a phone!

Get motivated by others and share your progress

PUML embraces and celebrates individuals achieving their health goals. We realised that people wanted to share their growth and fitness achievements so we built a custom social feed. Share your progress and receive further rewards!

Boost your rewards with WearX

PUML’s Genesis WearX Collection has 5000 NFTs, hand drawn and algorithmically generated by PUML’s in-house NFT studio. The WearX NFT collection is designed to be utilised in PUML's existing mobile application available on Play Store and App Store. WearX can be used within the PUML move to earn app to unlock additional features and levels of gameplay such as:

Public Sale: 24/11/22

Higher Daily Claim

PUML rewards you with its built-in non-crypto token PUML for completing daily steps. The Daily Claim is limited to 2,000 Steps per day. Each WearX has a different amount of steps that can be claimed per day which exceeds the minimum 2,000 steps.

Bonus Multiplier

Completing challenges in the PUML App earns you PUML which can be exchanged for NFTs, Digital Products, and burned for $PUMLx (Coming Soon). Holding a WearX gives you an earning multiplier on all your in-App earnings. Some more than others.

Gated Challenges

PUML offers a variety of challenges ranging from meditation, hydration, steps, sleep, and so much more. With WearX, you will have access to challenges with larger reward pools, special athlete challenges, and more exclusive offerings.

Video Library

Power up your health journey with additional features and access 1000s of on-demand health and fitness videos, live classes with certified instructors, accessible from anywhere. Valued at more than $300 per year, WearX holders get access for free.

NFT Basics & How to Buy WearX

What are NFTs?

NFTs are designed as way for digital files to be secured in a way that ensure ownership and create scarcity. Like physical art an NFT can be sold but the artist can retain the copyright, or they can offer it to the buyer, or decide the on a percentage of secondary sales an owner can have.

What are NFTs used for?

Essentially, NFTs can represent any form of digital file, whether that’s a jpeg of a piece of art, a video, or even real estate. Turning these files into ‘tokens’ and securing them on a blockchain make buying, selling and trading these files efficient and reduce fraud.

How do NFTs and crypto connect?

NFTs are also called non-fungible tokens, and they are blockchain-held tokens that represent a unique asset – whether physical or digital. NFTs are secured on cryptocurrency blockchains, trading using Ethereum, Solana, Wax and other tokens.

Why do people buy NFTs?

People buy NFTs for many reasons. Some view non-fungible tokens as assets to collect and trade, they see them as investments. Others just love the art or the technology behind NFTs and like to experiment with how it can be used. More and more people are now seeing NFTs as a way to launch products, raise funding and give a voice to marginalised communities. 

What is move to earn / play to earn?

These new kind of games enable you to own the assets you earn or unlock in a game. You can collect and sell these NFTs within a game’s store or on a marketplace. The PUML application is actually a play to earn and a move to earn game as you earn tokens for completing health challenges. With WearX, this will soon unlock new ways of earning. 

How is WearX connected to NFTs?

WearX is a collection of randomly generated NFTs that are algorithmically produced (an algorithm creates a collection of completely unique digital assets based on layers of designs that were created by our awesome design team). Each WearX will have randomly generated characteristics including: Watch Type, Faces, Bands, Accessories, and Background. Once purchased, each WearX will have randomly generated Utility levels assigned for in-game use. This means that as we continue to develop the mobile application, you will soon be able to use WearX NFTs to increase the amount of rewards you get for being active.

How do I buy WearX? Do I need to have crypto?

We have partnered with Crypto.Com to make purchasing these unique NFTs as simple as possible. So, regardless of your knowledge of crypto, you’ll be able to get your hands on a unique digital wearable in no time! Purchasing is simple. Simply follow these steps: 

1. Go to

2. Register an account with

3. Select how many you would like to purchase.

4. Complete your transaction with FIAT (Visa, Mastercard, etc). No crypto needed! 

5. Celebrate!

What is my WearX going to look like?

Each WearX will have randomly generated characteristics including: Watch Type, Faces, Bands, Accessories, and Background. 

Watch Type: Including: Tracker, Sports Classic, Modern, Calculator, Jewelled, Digital Classic
Faces: A range of different faces that range in colour, style, and shape.
Bands: Different colours, styles, gradients, and more.
Accessories: From bows to flowers, some watches will feature an accessory
Background: Ranging in colour and gradients.
Once you “mint” it (fancy for buying something on the blockchain), you will get a randomly generated watch that is unique and has special utility in the App.

What does it cost? How many are available?

The cost will be $75 USD (Currency exchange may vary this amount). Only 5,000 WearX is available in this collection. 

When will I be able to use my WearX?

We are currently developing these features, which will be available closer to the end of 2022. 

Learn how PUML turns your healthy choices into 💸

PUML stands for ``Personal Units and Movement Levels`` and is the most sophisticated virtual challenge and rewards Web3 platform on the market today that gamifies health and fitness challenges to reward YOU with our Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Win and purchase rare NFTs with rising Australian athletes

PUML seeks to empower elite athletes through the use of digital art by providing buyers with the opportunity to mint a collection of highly unique non-fungible tokens. Purchasing a PUML sponsored athlete NFT is a great opportunity to follow an athlete's career.

Move to Earn

Run, Cycle, Swim, Meditate and Move

PUML Premium: Build healthy habits wherever you are.

Power up your health journey with additional features and access 1000s of on-demand health and fitness videos, paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Video Collection

  • Fitness and wellness videos
  • 1000+ OnDemand Video Classes
  • Action items & mini-challenges

Live Workouts

  • Classes with certified instructors
  • Tune in from anywhere
  • With multiple class options

Learn how PUML turns your healthy choices into 💸

Corporate Wellness

Partner with PUML to create a co-branded ecosystem specifically designed for your company and your employees.

Promote Employee Wellness & Motivate your Workplace with WelR

Create virtual step, distance, sleep, weight loss, calorie, gym check-in, cycle and more challenge types that work for your employees.
Employees can compete against each other from home or anywhere in the world. Or departments and regions can compete as teams.
Start a Corporate Wellness Initiative with PUML.
  • Reduce absenteeism & stress levels
  • Attract & retain employees
  • Improve corporate reputation
  • Enhance team culture & interaction

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