Challenge Your

Complete Health Challenges like Steps, Hydration, Meditation, Sleep, and More. Get Rewarded & Create Long Term Health Habits For a Better Future.

Develop Long Term Habits
with Challenges

PUML offers a range of different health challenges of varying lengths to help you develop health goals that stick. From 30 Day Step Challenges, to 7 Day Meditation Challenges, discover your limits with a highly rewarding App. These challenges are designed to help you form healthy habits and compete for rewards.

Get Rewarded for Being Healthy

Claim your daily steps or complete challenges to earn PUML tokens which can be spent in the Marketplace. Unlock products, gift cards, ebooks, discount codes from partners, redeem for $PUMLx, or make charitable donations. There’s something for everyone.

Push Yourself With Engaging Challenges

It’s not just step and meditation challenges to look forward to,

it’s a mix of options that’ll make PUML your next go-to health app.

Keep a Log of Your Progress

Keep tabs on your progress as you claim daily steps, lodge gratitude journal entries, and more to get a deeper understanding of how you’re going.

Access More Features

Unlock a whole new world with PUML’s newest native in-app cryptographic wallet. Connect your Web3 assets and boost your health experience. By holding $PUMLx or WearX in your wallet, you can unlock PUML Premium too!

Go Beyond the Basics With
PUML Premium

Boost your healthy habits no matter where you are by unlocking PUML Premium. Gain access to a wide range of additional features and thousands of on-demand health and fitness videos, available through monthly or yearly subscription plans.

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