Earn Rewards for a
Healthy Lifestyle

Get rewarded for completing health challenges
like Steps, Hydration, Meditation, Sleep, and More.

move to earn and wellness challenges puml corporate
PUML move to get fit and earn

Join Challenges & Get Rewarded 

Join a range of physical and wellness challenges and earn PUML coins. From meditation to hydration, steps, sleep, and more, these challenges are designed to help you form healthy habits and compete for rewards. No wearable needed! You can earn for completing challenges, claiming daily rewards, and more. 

Spend Rewards in the Marketplace

Use your earned PUML tokens to redeem products, gift cards, ebooks, discount codes from partners, redeem for $PUMLx, or make charitable donations.

Utilise the In-App Wallet

Experience a secure and user-friendly way to handle your digital assets with PUML’s new native in-app cryptographic wallet. Connect to the Web3 ecosystem effortlessly, manage your PUML and $PUMLx, hold WearX and other collectibles, track rewards, and explore the world of blockchain technology.

Boost Rewards with PUML Premium

Boost your healthy habits no matter where you are by unlocking PUML Premium. Gain access to a wide range of additional features and thousands of on-demand health and fitness videos, available through monthly or yearly subscription plans.

  • Higher Daily Claim Rewards
  • 1000+ OnDemand Video Classes & Fitness and Wellness Videos
  • Exclusive Challenges
  • Classes with certified instructors
  • Tune in from anywhere

Start Your Journey Today.

PUML For Corporate

Empower Your Workforce for Success and Wellbeing.

Reduce absenteeism, increase engagement and boost performance.

Start a Corporate Wellness Initiative with PUML.
  • Branded corporate wellness application on IOS/Android
  • Various packages of challenges (choose from steps, meditation, gratitude journalling, hydration, and more). 
  • Custom marketplace rewards 
  • Free access to PUML Premium for all employees. 
  • Corporate private social feed to share wins.
  • Easy to implement for large teams and those separated by geographical location. 

Join 50+ Major Corporations Engaging Their Workplace