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Earn Coin for Step Challenges, Sleep, Meditation and more. Gamified physical and mental health challenges, like meditation, sleep, grateful journals, step challenges and more unlocked via a user- friendly application available on both Play Store and App Store.
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Learn how PUML turns your healthy choices into 💸

Learn how PUML turns your healthy choices into 💸

PUML stands for ``Personal Units and Movement Levels`` and is the most sophisticated virtual challenge and rewards Web3 platform on the market today that gamifies health and fitness challenges to reward YOU with our Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Participate in a range of health challenges

Corporates, brands, and professional athletes sponsor healthy living, physical and mental challenges for you to compete in. These challenges range from meditation, hydration, steps, sleep, and so much more. They are all designed to help you form healthy habits all whilst getting rewarded for it too.

Get rewarded for being active

PUML is designed to incentivise healthy habits in the most 'fun' way possible. This means that we actively congratulate and reward participants with discount codes, merchandise, Non Fungible Tokens & $PUML Coin.

Exchange your digital rewards for items in the real world.

Spend your Coins on products, trade them for cryptocurrency or donate them to charity!

Win and purchase rare NFTs with rising Australian athletes

PUML seeks to empower elite athletes through the use of digital art by providing buyers with the opportunity to mint a collection of highly unique non-fungible tokens. Purchasing a PUML sponsored athlete NFT is a great opportunity to follow an athlete's career.

Connect Devices & Sync

PUML seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and more wearables to run fun engaging fan challenges. Wearables are optional. PUML is compatible and fully functional with just a phone!

Sponsored Fitness Activity & Sport Participation

Earn Rewards for Step/Cycle Challenges

PUML Premium

Power up your health journey with additional features, paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Video Collection

  • Fitness and wellness videos
  • 1000+ OnDemand Video Classes
  • Action items & mini-challenges

Live Workouts

  • Classes with certified instructors
  • Tune in from anywhere
  • With multiple class options

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Promote Employee Wellness & Motivate your Workplace with WelR

Create virtual step, distance, sleep, weight loss, calorie, gym check-in, cycle and more challenge types that work for your employees.
Employees can compete against each other from home or anywhere in the world. Or departments and regions can compete as teams.
Start a Corporate Wellness Initiative with PUML.
  • Reduce absenteeism & stress levels
  • Attract & retain employees
  • Improve corporate reputation
  • Enhance team culture & interaction
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It's hard to keep motivated to exercise

Today our busy, time-poor, sedentary lives are leading to stress, anxiety and a lack of motivation to exercise. It's easy to find an excuse not to do physical activity. PUML Better Health is here to give you the nudge to supercharge your motivation. Join any of our free challenges on the PUML app to start earning PUML Coins. Or create a corporate wellness program for your company.
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Corporates and Brands Gamifying Health and Wellbeing

Corporate Testimonials

Service testimonial for PUML Corporate Wellness Program

“The program launched with a Step Challenge to get us active and then added a weekly breathwork and stretch sessions, which has proved to not only be a great way to start our week, but a great opportunity for our team to get together outside of the work environment. We cannot recommend PUML Better Health highly enough and look forward to our future challenges!”

Dan Kerr, CEO —

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