PUML Perks

3 easy to follow steps

Exercise at your gym

PUML is available in gyms, fitness studios & sports clubs. Ask your manager today.

Earn points per visit

Download & sign-up to the free PUML app. Scan your QR code to start earning points.

Get rewards & merch

Get paid to get fit and stay fit. Redeem rewards for branded merch & 3rd party products/services.

Rewards for Everyone

The PUML platform aims to reward members for being active and loyal.

How it works

PUML is a gym fitness activity engagement platform that incentivises members to visit more often, earning points that can be converted into rewards.

Create a bespoke rewards program

The PUML platform is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to have a reward program up and running. Create, update and delete rewards whenever you want. If you have relationships with local businesses in your area you can add rewards for their businesses too.

Hardware & software provided

A PUML tablet and stand will be provided, which is simple to setup and use. Your members download the PUML app and use their unique QR code to check-in instantly via the tablet to start earning points. You can create business check-in rules to protect against fraud.

See what's working

View your members data in real time, with total members, check-ins, points and rewards claims. Add points to any specific members and administrate any reward claims directly with your members. See what rewards are popular and tweak accordingly.


Here are some answers to popular questions people have asked us in the past.

Yes, PUML is a free to use service. Simply download our PUML app and you're good to go.

When you next check in, the tablet will show you which rewards are 'unlocked'. You need to earn enough points before you can claim any rewards. Simply tap the reward you want and show/tell the staff member. Your points balance will be debited accordingly. You can save your points to spend on smaller rewards or blow the lot on one mega reward! REMEMBER to claim the reward in staffed hours or their will be nobody there to give it to you.

Individual venues set the shelf life of rewards, but you will be able to redeem your points at any point that the business is still using the PUML platform. Points can be used as soon as you have enough points to 'unlock' your first reward.

Points can be spent at the gym or fitness venue you attend and any businesses rewards that are included in the program. See tablet for more details.

Your points are stored against your email address, so as long as you sign in with the same email address you'll not lose any of your points. If you forget your password you can always reset it.

A check in is a recorded visit to a venue. The app displays a QR code on the opening screen. Tap the tablet in-store, which will open a camera. Show the QR code to the camera and the system will scan your code. This process is called a check-in. You'll receive points from the business, which you can earn every time you visit.

Each business has their own set of rules for user check-ins. Some businesses only allow you to check-in once a day, other choose to allow you to check in every 4 hours.

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