It's hard to keep motivated to exercise

Today our crazy busy, time poor, sedentary lives are leading to stress, anxiety and a lack of motivation to exercise. It's easy to find an excuse not to do physical activity, we all do it, even athletes on a bad day. PUML Better Health is here to give you the nudge to supercharge your motivation.

How does getting paid to exercise sound?

Enter sponsored step challenges to either win or earn rewards

Employer or brand sponsors

Search for or be invited to enter step challenges from your employer or brands.

Compete as a team or individually

All-inclusive challenges for you to compete with mates & colleagues.

PUML Tokens & rewards

On success either win OR earn PUML Blockchain tokens that can be spent on rewards & merch.

Step challenges are just the start

We are starting with step challenges, but in 2020 we'll begin rolling out other ways to participate including running, cycling and visiting your local gym/fitness centre. Watch this space...

Be one of the first

We're looking for the first 50,000 innovators who will receive exclusive bonuses & challenges for getting involved early.