Challenge Types

PUML offers a range of challenges including: Meditation, Hydration, Gratitude, Steps, Stretching, Sleep, and more. Each of these challenges are designed to help you build long term habits, whether that be achieving the required daily steps, meditation minutes, and more.  Built with innovative and novel technology, virtual physical and mental health challenges are all gamified with our own digital currency $PUML coin and digital assets called NFTs.

There are several challenge categories available which serve as additional gamification elements, including: 

  • General Admission: Anyone can join these challenges for free and with no additional requirement. 
  • Requires Entry Fee (PUML): To join the challenge, you will need to pay a certain amount of PUML coins to enter. These challenges are more exclusive and offer greater rewards. 
  • Requires NFT (Coming Soon): To join this challenge, you will need to hold a specific NFT that is offered by either PUML or one of our partners. These challenges are highly exclusive and are designed to reward holders with higher incentives. 
  • Requires PUMLx Staked (Coming Soon): To join this challenge, you will need to have a minimum amount of PUMLx staked, which will be verifiable through the PUML built-in cryptographic wallet. 
  • Badges Required (Coming Soon): To join this challenge, you will need to hold a specific badge. To earn badges, you just need to complete challenges! So for example, a challenge may require you to hold 2 meditation badges to join. 
  • Prize Pool Challenges (Coming Soon): To join this challenge, you will need to add a specific amount of PUML coins to the prize pool. This is your entry fee which will be returned to you if you complete the challenge as required. If you fail to complete the challenge, your entry fee will be forfeited and distributed to those that have completed the challenge. 

Getting Started

PUML is designed for simplicity, so earning for being active has never been easier. PUML features both physical and wellbeing challenges which you can complete to earn PUML in-game tokens. No NFT is needed to earn!

  • To start earning, users will need to download the PUML app
  • Download the PUML app – it can be found via the or the ​
  • Sign up for PUML – we’ll ask you for basic info; email address, username, etc
  • Sync your health data – this can be done via a wearable (Samsung Smart Watch, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc) or your mobile device. This is done right as you enter a challenge. 
  • User Levels – Increase your user level by completing challenges and participating in the Daily Claim. Boost feature coming soon.

Great work – you’re all set!

Because of PUML’s unique approach to our in-app gamification, you won’t need to worry about purchasing an asset to get earning. We use your health data to understand the steps you’re doing daily and award you PUML coin as a result.

What to do with PUML Coins

Exchange your PUML
PUML can be exchanged for real-value items, from gift cards to NFTs in our marketplace. They could also be donated to a charity close to your heart.

Top-up your PUML
Easily top up your in-game PUML with FIAT to complete purchases if you have insufficient PUML.

Manage your PUML
PUML features a wallet where you can manage your PUML, see the latest activity, and generate a custom invite link that rewards you. Coming Soon: Burn PUML to get $PUMLx.

Daily Steps Claim

Each day, PUML counts the amount of steps you complete. Claim your daily steps before the timer expires and earn PUML in-game token. Maximum of 2000 steps can be claimed each day*.

  • You can only claim your PUML coins once every 24 hours, if you miss the 24 hours mark your coins will reset and you’ll have to wait until the next day
  • You’ll initially be able to earn up to 2,000 steps of PUML coin per day (on top of what you can earn by entering challenges) – You can increase this daily limit to 4,000 steps by subscribing to PUML Premium (more options coming soon). 
  • Once you’ve earned your PUML coin, you can redeem it in-app for challenges, products, ebooks, and more. Explore the marketplace for more information. 

PUML Premium 

Power up your health journey with additional features and access 1000s of on-demand health and fitness videos, paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Access an on-demand video collection that includes: 

  • Fitness and wellness videos
  • 1000+ OnDemand Video Classes
  • Action items & mini-challenges
  • Live Workouts
  • Classes with certified instructors

Tune in from anywhere with multiple class options & access special features in the App. Boost your daily steps claim limit to 4,000 steps per day. 

Features Coming Soon

  • Badges – Collect badges for completing challenges to increase user level.
  • Wearables – Increase max Daily Claim Step Limit, multipliers, and more. Coming soon.
  • Increase your reward: Soon, you will be able to increase your in-game rewards by: purchasing WearX or athlete NFTs, boosting user levels, and collecting badges.
  • Manage your PUMLx: PUMLx is our new token that is building the foundation for the world’s first Fitness Metaverse. Built on the Ethereum platform, PUMLx tokens are true crypto assets compatible with third- party wallets, exchanges, listings, and more. You can use this page to connect to sponsors.